Booster Volunteering


We need your help! Mr. Villarreal and the Booster Board ask every parent to volunteer at a minimum of one Booster event. You’ll meet a lot of great students and parents when you volunteer. Plus, it is a lot of fun!

Banquet—Assist in setup, door registration and after dinner chaperone at the end of May
Concessions—Work the concession stands at “little” Clark fields.  Band students may sign up to work with parent or guardian.
Hospitality—Help serve pre-game meals during marching season and/or provide refreshments for concerts
Night in the 40’s—Committee members needed for event in early February
Plano East Marching Invitational —Assist in setup, parking and lots of activities on October 14th. 
Senior Recognition Night—October 27 prior to the football game. Only Freshman through Junior parents may volunteer
Spirit—Provide treats and/or help serve on Thursdays during marching season.

IMPORTANT: Plano ISD seeks to create a safe sanctuary for students, free from crime, violence, drugs and abuse. Pursuant to the Texas Education Code the Plano  Independent School District conducts screenings for any record of criminal  history. The district shall obtain the criminal history record of prospective  volunteers who will be working with students, including, but not limited to camp  counselors, mentors, tutors, field trip sponsors, overnight trip sponsors, any  volunteers who will have access to student information, and volunteers who work  on a regular basis with students. All volunteer records are inactivated June 30  of each year.  All volunteers must reapply after July 1 of each year to be  considered for volunteer opportunities.

Follow this link to submit your background check!: PISD Volunteer application
Follow the links to sign up for the available volunteer opportunities for the Plano East Band:
PEMI Volunteers Needed for Saturday, October 14, 2017 at Clark Stadium
Adult volunteers are needed to help make PEMI a success.  Please sign up for one or more volunteer slots.  Two slots are available for sign up, 9am - 4pm and 4pm - 10pm.  Your time and efforts are ALWAYS appreciated!!
Game Day Volunteering:
Slots are available for game day volunteering opportunities, this includes serving game day meals and chaperoning the games: Game Day Volunteer Opportunities
If you would like to order a game day meal for the days you volunteering on game days, please click the link and order the meal(s) that you would like.  You can also order for the entire season. Game Day Meals for Volunteers and Chaperones
Senior Recognition Night - October 27, 2017:
Help make this a special night for seniors and their families by volunteering to help with the recognition ceremony.  We need freshman, sophomore, and junior parents to help.  Volunteer for Senior Recognition Night
Concession Stand Volunteering:
For Concessions at high school and middle school games, slots are still available: Concession Stand Volunteer Opportunities
Spirit Committee Volunteering:
This committee bakes and distributes snacks to the band students every Thursday during the marching season.  There are a few more spots left for bakers and several spots available for distributors.  Please click on the link to sign up.
Spirit Committee Volunteers