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Plano East Senior High School Colorguard


When the Marching Band performs, listen to the audience and you'll hear lots of gasps, sighs, wows, and cheers when the Colorguard pulls out a new flag or tosses a rifle. Marching bands are rated based upon not only their musicianship, but also on the visual effect they create on the football field. A big part of that visual effect comes from the Colorguard. The Colorguard interprets the music visually, using movement, costumes, flags, and props. They are rated based upon their technical prowess and coordination in dancing and spinning and tossing flags, rifles, and sabres.

Every Friday night the Colorguard performs to live music in front of huge crowds during halftime at all Plano East varsity football games. We also perform during various parades and competitions. The Plano East Band has performed at the UIL Texas State Marching Contest and the Bands of America Super Regional in San Antonio.

Students who join the Colorguard typically enjoy movement or dance, take pride in learning new skills, and enjoy being part of a tightly knit group while also getting the PESH Marching Band experience.

The Colorguard is an integral part of the of the Marching Band during the fall, but during the spring they function separately from the band, competing in competitions across Texas and at the Marching Auxiliaries National Championships.

As a member of the Colorguard, you will have the opportunity to travel with the Plano East Band. In the past, the band has traveled to New York, Chicago, and Corpus Christi.

The Colorguard consists of 9th-12th grade students at Plano East Senior High School who utilize dance, flags, rifles, and sabres to provide visual interpretation and enhancement of the music for the Marching Band. They travel, perform, and compete with the Marching Band from August-November. In the spring, the Colorguard members perform Winterguard routines with dance, flags, rifles, and sabres at community and athletic events, as well as local, state, and national competitions. The Colorguard is involved in school and community events on a year-round basis. Prior dance or performance experience is not required.


Learn about the Plano East Colorguard Director, Michael Henson.


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